Skullmiser is the user name that I use for everything, it was logical that I wanted the domain name for This site is dedicated to people interested in me for whatever reason(s).

It seems some people like to impersonate me, and use my pictures. If you're going to use my picture for anything, you don't have to ask permission, but tell about it anyway, I think it's cool if people want to pretend to be me.

I think that I have Ehlers danlos syndrome, because of various hyper mobile joints that I have, and my unusually stretchy skin as can be seen in the banner.

I tend to relate all that I can to Star Trek, including my college application essay which can be read here.

 Click on some of the tabs to the left. A couple of them are pretty interesting.

About the news... People rarely visit this site, so I've just been writing unrestrictedly. It's like, none of those things are a secret, so I put them on the site, but I don't advertise it, because I'm not doing it for attention. Does that make sense?

This site will be added to over time.  You may tell me what to add, and I will do all that I can, within reason, to add it.